Can You Use an Air Fryer Without Oil …let’s Find Out

A common question that is asked… can you use an air fryer without oil? The simple answer is yes…however there a couple of things you need to understand and be aware of.

The humble air fryer has really shaken up kitchens across the country. Rather than plates of food dripping in grease, you can now have fried food without all the bad health consequences.

Your air fryer cooks at high heat bycirculating air very quickly, allowing you to fry, grill and bake. Your food isdelivered crisp on the outside while the food inside remains moist anddelicious.

Do you need oil in an air fryer?

Food in an air fryer is cooked at high heatusing powerful fans that circulate the air very quickly. This is what stops thefood burning and is what gives you a crispy outside, whilst maintaining a moistinside.

You therefore don’t need to use oil, butyou can if you wish.

How much oil do I need to use?

At the very most, we are talking at acouple of tablespoons of oil. When you compare this to traditional oil frying,it really highlights the healthier aspects of air fryers.

Can You Use an Air Fryer Without Oil …let’s Find Out

Most foods can be tossed in oil before theyare placed into the air fryer basket.

However, for some foods, it may be better to spray them with a fine mist of oil. This is the case if your food has been coated in flour.

Simply, spray the internal area of the airfryer and also give the food a light spray. This will ensure that foods thathave been battered turn out looking a delicious golden brown.

With frozen foods, you do not need to add any oil. However, you can add a little if that is what you prefer. I would always recommend that you try it both ways to see which you prefer.

Is air frying without oil healthy?

Air frying without oil is much healthierthan using oil. The number of calories that you consume will be lower whileeating the same foods. On average, you may be able to reduce the caloriecontent by 50 -80% which is very significant.

The other health benefits that an air fryercan make is the type of foods. You may well not be overly keen on vegetables,but a simple recipe may transform your vegetables into tasty and crispy snacks.I know from my experience that the kids have certainly started to eat a widervariety of foods.

Where do you put the oil in anair fryer?

We have already established that you dotneed to use oil. However, if you want your foods a little crispier, then youcan use an oil of your choice.

In most cases, you can brush the oildirectly onto the foods. However, you may use more oil than is necessary doingthis. It is also not very practical if you are doing French fries.

The best way to add oil is using an oilspray bottle. This distributes a fine spray that coats the food evenly.

If your food is battered or dusted inflour, the best results are obtained by spraying the inside of the air fryerand also a light spray on top of the food when you put it in the air fryer.

Can you use an air fryer without oil …Verdict

So, there we have it… can you use an airfryer without oil…yes, you can. As with most things, it always helps toexperiment.

I would always suggest that you try cooking things with and without oil. The difference in the end result can be very different, even with a tiny amount of oil.

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