Crux Air Fryer Review – Top 5 of 2022

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  • Crux 6QT Air Fryer Review
  • Crux 3.7QT Air Fryer review
  • F.A.Q.
  • What to consider before and after buying a Crux Air Fryer?
  • About The Brand: Crux
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  • Air fryers offer the best middle ground for conscious consumers weighing options between health and taste. In culinary school, students learn that fat equals flavor. Well, in this Crux air fryer review, we are going to prove them wrong! Among the countless different brands of air fryers, Crux ranks very high. All of their products ( air fryers, coffee makers, blenders) have a rating of more than 4.5.

    If you choose a Crux air fryer, your meals will come out with 88% less fat, since only one tablespoon of oil is enough to prepare your favorite dishes. Crux is an innovative brand that always keeps an eye on the latest trends and comes with many convenience features: PFOA-free, non-stick and dishwasher safe pan. Our favorite product in this Crux air fryer review is the Crux AirPro XL. Read below for our full analysis.

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  • Crux 6QT Air Fryer Review
  • Crux 3.7QT Air Fryer review
  • Crux 3QT Air Fryer review
  • F.A.Q.
  • What to consider before and after buying a Crux Air Fryer?
  • Is Crux a good brand?
  • Conclusion
  • Comparing the best Crux Air Fryers




    Best Multi-purpose:

    CRUX AirPro XL Indoor Grill & Air Fryer

    Cooks for: 7-8 people

    Performance: 1760 W

    Max temp.: 510°F

    Price: $$$

    Check Price

    Best for large families:

    CRUXGG 6-in-1 9qt Air Fryer with TriZone Technology

    Cooks for: 5-6 people

    Performance: 1700 W

    Max temp.: 450°F

    Price: $$$

    Check Price

    Best for large families:

    Crux 3.7 QT Air Fryer

    Cooks for: 2-3 people

    Performance: 1400 W

    Max temp.: 400°F

    Price: $$

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    Crux AirPro XL Air Fryer and Indoor Grill Review

    The AirPro XL is the best choice for people who do not want to compromise. The reason why this machine is the top on our Crux air fryer review is because of its versatility.

    The Crux AirPro XL is fryer and indoor portable grill. With its impressive 1760-watt heating system, it can grill, fry, roast, sauté, sear and bake almost any food in minutes. It can heat up to 510°F, which is the same level as a conventional oven. This means that the Airpro XL cooks much faster than standard air fryers, which typically heat up to 400°F.

    The Airpro XL is more expensive than the other Crux air fryers we tested, but it’s still very affordable for the range of foods you can prepare with this handy little unit. You can even bake or reheat a 12-inch pizza in it, and who doesn’t like pizza?

    Yes, you heard me. Remember the time you ordered a pizza and preheated your oven for 10 minutes, only to put it in for 1-2 minutes? Well, that does not have to be the case anymore, because the AirPro XL has everything you need. It preheats in a few minutes, you pop the pizza in for another 1-2 minutes and it’s ready to go. With the AirPro XL, you can also grill the perfect steak and not even have to turn it. At the touch of a button, you get the perfect flavour and texture. Since the device has a large tray, it is suitable for large families, because the tray can serve up to 7-8 people. If you are beginner with air fryers this one is also a good option thanks to its wide range of presets.

    The digital user interface is very easy to use. You can select the cooking method you want: Air fry, grill, bake, roast. There are also 5 presets: Roast, Saute, Sauté, Pizza, Dehydrate, which will give you a perfect cooking experience depending on what you want to prepare. Of course, you can also set the temperature and timer manually.

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    Pros and Cons of the Airpro XL

    Pros1.All-in-one solution (Grill + Air fryer)
    2. Higher power than regular air fryers
    3. Large 12”x12” tray
    4. Perfect substitute for an oven
    Cons1. Takes a little too much space on the counter
    2. It opens on the top, therefore the cabinets can be in the way

    Crux 6QT Air Fryer Review

    The 6QT is the second in-line after the AirPro XL since it has fewer option, which shows on its price tag. This is an air fryer only appliance but don’t let that fool you because it is a beast. It has a 1700 W heating element that puts in the high-end performance of air fryers.

    Crux Air Fryer Review – Top 5 of 2022

    Its 5 lbs food capacity generously puts food on the table for 5-7 people. It weighs 12.12 pounds and its dimensions are 12.79 x 15.31 x 14.48 and therefore this can also be regarded as a compact machine compared to its 6 quarts capacity. The 6QT comes with 8 presets, which is a lot and therefore it gives the consumer a lot of freedom when it comes to cook foods in an air fryer.

    This air fryer comes with a 60 minute timer with an auto shut-off as most of the Crux Air Fryers. As most Crux air fryers this one is dishwasher safe and has a PFOA free non-sticky pan. This air fryer is for families who don’t want to spend a lot on air fryers, who regularly cook for more than 4 people and for those who want a versatile air fryer with many options and a cool design.

    It is very easy to use: You just set your preferred cooking temperature, choose a preset and there it is. Since it is almost as powerful as the AirPro XL (only 60 Watts short) therefore it preheats at lightspeed that saves you time and you can prepare a dinner in no time.

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    Pros and Cons of the 6QT model

    Pros1.Wide range of presets
    2. Preheats very fast
    3. Large basket that can feed 5-7 people
    Cons1. Simple design

    Crux 3.7QT Air Fryer review

    The Crux 3.7QT air convection fryer is more or less an upgrade to the 3 QT model. This air fryer has a 1400 watt, which is 200 watt more than the 3QT, thus gives a bit higher performance which comes handy when you are waiting for your air fryer to preheat.

    It is the golden middle ground for small sized air fryers and its just a bit more expensive than its weaker counterpart. The main difference between the 3.7 QT and other Crux Air Fryers is that it has a manual display. In my opinion this has both advantages and disadvantages. A digital interface looks better and usually comes with more options for presets but on the other hand a manual interface is more durable and more unlikely to break down in the long term. Also for the less tech savvy this is an added bonus. You just push a button, turn a knob and there you go: Your delicious food is ready in no-time.

    As all Crux Air Fryers this one has a PFOA free non-sticky pan that is dishwasher safe. It is a compact little machine that doesn’t take up too much space (15.11 x 15.11 x 14.68 inches). On the other hand it can easily feed a family of 3-4 people and therefore it could be a perfect fit for small families. Another feature that we liked is that it comes in 2 different colors: black and blue. Also it comes with a 60 minute timer and auto shut-off for people like me who forgets to turn off kitchen appliances.

    This little guy is a perfect option for someone who is buying their first air fryers and just want to test the waters.

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    Pros and Cons of the 3.7QT model

    Pros1. Good price/value ratio
    2. Easy to use
    3. Doesn’t take too much space
    4. Cool design. Comes in 2 colors
    5. Golden middle road in terms of featuresCons 1. No presets or any cooking options to choose from

    Crux 3QT Air Fryer review

    The Crux 3QT comes with a very sleek stainless steel design that improves the look of every kitchen. It is a very simple and easy to use air fryer that has a digital interface where the different presets, timer and temperature can be set. It is the cheapest of the Crux Air Fryer family but it has the lowest heating capacity with 1200 Watts. Although this doesn’t mean that the Crux 3QT has a low performance because it can very effectively heat any food in no-time it just takes a little bit of more time to preheat and fry the food compared to the other Crux air fryers.

    As all Crux Air Fryers this one has a PFOA free non-sticky pan that is dishwasher safe. Like its sister the 3.7QT this one doesn’t take up too much space on your counter. Its dimensions is 15.11 x 15.11 x 14.68 inches. It has a smaller tray than the 3.7QT version but it can still easily serve food for 2 people. If you are low on countertop space than this Crux air fryer should be your choice. This air fryer also made it to our favorite small air fryers list.

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    Pros and Cons of the 3QT model

    Pros1. Cheapest in the Crux Air Fryer family
    2. Sleek design
    3. Has several presets
    4. Small size
    Cons 1. The automatic timer and shut-off is only for 30 minutes and not 60

    CRUXGG 6-in-1 9qt Air Fryer with TriZone Technology review

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    The CruxGG is a new brand with the collaboration of Crux and Ghetto Gastro a Bronx based culinary collective who promote important social issues like equiality and food security.

    Their collaboration created a completely new line of products that are both innovative and creative. One of those is the Crux GG 6-in-1 9QT.

    Although it is not entirely a Crux brand but we have put it on our Crux air fryer review because of 2 things:

    Design – We just love the design of the piece and most customer also according to the reviews. You can get it in two colors: white and grey. The digital interface with the red glowing information just blends perfectly with the color of the appliance. Even Esquire magazine has voted as one of the best air fryers and they usually know what’s trendy.

    Functionality – The CruxGG is the only air fryer in this review that has a dual basket which means you can cook 2 foods at the same time. Moreover it has a Sync mode which will synchronize the two baskets so that your food will be ready at the same time. On the other hand if you just want to cook one big meal, then you can take out the separator and have one big 9QT basket that is enough for 5-6 people at least.

    It is still a new model but customers seem to love it already. Some quotes from them:

    “Absolutely love it! Easy to clean! Easy for me and my 16yo 13 yo and even my 40 year old husband LOL”

    “This Air Fryer Is Absolutely Amazing. I Love That You Can Use It As One Large Basket Or Insert The Divider And Cook Two Different Things At The Same Time. I Cook A Ton Of Different Things In It, And One Of My Favorite Uses Is To Reheat Pizza. Can’t Recommend This Air Fryer Highly Enough.”

    It is also worth noting that this air fryer heats up to 450 degrees whereas most air fryers only heat up to 400. You’d have to buy an air fryer oven or an air fryer grill combo to go even higher than 450 degrees. So for a regular air fryer 450 degrees is very good. This can come handy because it can cut cooking times by 30% in several cases.

    View customer reviews and priceProsDual basket with Sync function
    Unique design
    Heats up to 450 degrees
    Cons Might be too big for some
    Light is flashing when not in use (unplugging solves it)

    Frequently Asked Questions about Crux Air Fryers

    Is Crux a good brand?

    In our humble opinion Crux is a great brand when it comes to air fryers. Their products have a 4.5+ rating on Amazon from hundreds of reviews. Crux air fryers are reasonably priced compared to other air fryers. The company also put a high emphasis on the design (which is a huge plus for me). Crux has been around for almost 20 years that gives them the necessary know-how to be a top actor in this industry

    Are Crux Air Fryers dishwasher safe?

    All Crux Air Fryers in this review are dishwasher safe.

    Do foods taste good prepared in a Crux air fryer?

    It does not taste the same as it would in a deep fryer. It will be less greasy and slightly drier (which for some people is an advantage) but the crunchiness will be the same. Usually people stay with air fryers regardless of the difference.

    Are air fryers healthy?

    According to WebMD air fryers offer a much healthier option than traditional deep fryers since they use 80% less oil. Fat deriving from oil causes several well known health problems like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. The Crux air fryers only a tea spoon of oil and you can reach the same flavour as opposed to deep fryers.

    What are the disadvantages of air fryers?

    Air fryers are beasts that produces high temperatures at an extremely rapid rate. For example the high end Crux air fryers can reach 400°F in a matter of minutes. Therefore it is very easy to burn food if we are unaware of the frying needs of different food products.
    Another insight thanks to Cleaveland Clinic is that since air fryers are a healthier options it is still not healthy to eat frozen pre-fryed fast food products (e.g French fries, chicken wings) on a daily basis. Many people think that they are allowed to eat such products regularly since they prepare it in an air fryer. No kitchen appliance will substitute a balanced diet. But let’s not forget that with air fryers very tasty plant-based recipes can be easily prepared also

    Are air fryers loud?

    Air fryers are just as loud as a dish washer for example. The sound is caused by the rotation of the fan that circulates the temperature in the air fryer

    Do air fryers use a lot of electricity?

    They use in average 45% less electricity than traditional ovens.

    What is PFOA?

    A very handy article describes PFOA as a chemical that was used in the process of making PTFE (Teflon) non-stick coating. Several research showed that the use of this material is a pollutant and therefore reputable non-stick manufacturers avoid this substance.

    What to consider before and after buying a Crux Air Fryer?

    The most important is to decide how many people will the air fryer serve. If its more than 4 than you should go for the bigger models like the Crux AirPro or the 6QT.

    The next question to consider is what foods do you want to prepare in it. If its just for frying frozen food than the most simple ones will do it. If you want to grill steaks or bake in them or want to make a pizza than you should go for an all-in-one solution like the AirPro XL.

    After you bought one please be very careful with your first few frying experiences. These air fryers can reach maximum temperature in a few minutes so you can easily burn your food.

    Always read the user manual carefully before the first use since we are playing around with a machine that heats up to at least 400°F in the middle of our kitchen countertop

    Always check if the air fryer is dishwasher safe and if it is PFOA free. Luckily all Crux Air Fryers tick this two boxes.

    Crux’s company background

    Crux is a brand created by a company named Made by Gather. They are the owners of several of America’s fastest growing kitchenware brands. They have revenue of $2.5bn and their products are sold in 42,000+ retail spaces. It was founded in 2003 by a visionary entrepreneur named Shae Hong who is a wellness-obsessed home chef, dad, and low-key sneakerhead. The company delivers on their mission with a team of designers and engineers, an effective marketing and merchandising program with nationwide retailers, and a laser-like focus on contemporary trends.


    To summarize every Crux Air Fryer reviewed here can be the perfect addition to your kitchen both for its innovative solutions, its fast heating systems and its sleek design. There are several options to choose from but if our budget is flexible we would go for the AirPro XL since it is an all-in-one solution (grill and air fryer) with endless possibilities.

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