Crux Air Fryer Reviews And Buying Guides 2022

Perhaps you’re asking yourself whether to acquire a new air fryer or not. From our perspective, getting a new air frying gadget is a ticket to good health, because it cuts down on consumption of unhealthy fat and calories.

In our crux air fryer reviews, we unearth the three favorite choices of models from the Crux lineup. These include the Crux 5.3-Qt. Digital Air Convection Fryer, Crux 2.6 Qt. Touchscreen Air Convection Fryer, and Crux 2.2 Qt. Touchscreen Air Convection Fryer, Black.

We endeavor to take you through each model so you can decide which one would be better for your cooking needs and lifestyle.

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Top 3 Crux Air Fryer Reviews And Comparison

Images Crux Air Fryer Editor's Rating Price
Crux 5.3-Qt. Digital Air Convection Fryer 6.6/10 Check Price
Crux 2.6 Qt. Touchscreen Air Convection Fryer 7.2/10 Check Price
Crux 2.2 Qt. Touchscreen Air Convection Fryer, Black 9.5/10 Check Price

Crux 5.3-Qt. Digital Air Convection Fryer: Overview

The 5.3-Quart Crux Digital Air Convection Fryer has giant frying basket dimensions of 12.09″ x 15.04″. The basket capacity holds up to 4.4 pounds of food.


This model boasts 1750-watt heating system as well as 8 preset options for grilling, roasting, baking or air frying. With the high-performance revolution heating technology, this beast is able to achieve crispy, evenly cooked and yummy chicken, bread, fries, fish, bacon, shrimp, etc.

And thanks to this technique, the food will contain 85% less fat and 65% fewer calories. Its digital controls make it possible to create your own recipes however you want.

The unit’s button interface contains an auto timer with a very loud off tune. How this air fryer achieves the crispy results is a no brainer, because it can fry up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in 60 minutes.

The Crux 5.3-Qt. Digital Air Convection Fryer looks appealing. Its ergonomic handle is black in color and flaunts gorgeous stripes of copper accents.

This gadget is also equipped with the overheating protection technology. When it comes to the ease of cleaning, the removable inner basket is dishwasher safe. What’s more, it’s backed by the manufacturer’s 2-year warranty.



Crux 2.6 Qt. Touchscreen Air Convection Fryer: Overview

The Crux 2.6-Quart Fryer is a 1500-watt high-performance heating revolution system that can cook up to 2.2 pounds of your favorite foods—potatoes, bread, chicken wings—with a fraction of oil or no oil at all.


Crux Air Fryer Reviews And Buying Guides 2022

Its 1500 watts electric supply ensures faster cooking experience in its 2.5L frying basket. With the high-performance Circular heat Technology, this fryer is able to reduce fat and calories in frozen fries by 77% and 61% respectively.

This model stands out with its ability to recover heat faster than most models and retain it. Also, it never emits heat externally, which means you can use it anywhere without fear of getting hot.

This convection fryer has an elegant design and the package dimensions are 15×13×13. It also houses digital touchscreen controls for temperature, time and automatic shutoff timer.

The machine is able to cook up to 400F for 60 minutes. Its stainless-steel element pre-heats rapidly and stays hot, helping you achieve crisp, evenly cooked food.This makes multiple batches quicker and easier.

There’s also overheating protection function which prevents any possible damage to the machine.Worth noting, this beautifully designed fryer has a dishwasher-safe basket. You get to benefit from Crux’s 2-year warranty, too!



Crux 2.2 Qt. Touchscreen Air Convection Fryer, Black: Overview

There are many reasons why the Crux 2.2-Quart Fryer tends to appear in most Crux air fryer review across the web. This is a small kitchen appliance whose 2.5L basket is enough for 1-2 persons.


Aside from the 2.2lb capacity, the machine’s handsome design is likely to win any air fryer beauty contests if there was one. Unlike other models looking blocky with cheap plastic shells, this one is glossy with a slanted gray top.

The Crux 2.2-pound model is exquisitely designed, to say the least. Its display screen has small and precise operating icons, which are pretty straightforward to use.

This model remains super cool during cooking, and you can touch it without being burned. This unit also ticks the box in terms of speed and efficiency. Despite being small, this little champ is very user-friendly and less intimidating.

There’s a quick release slide button located on top of its handle, which makes it possible to open the unit without touching its main body. You’ll be able to open it and check your food without worrying about losing heat.

This is because it’s got an advanced heat retention system and it automatically returns to its original temperature once closed again.

The Crux 2.2-Quart unit has a 1500-watt system that ensures faster cooking, and the overheating protection that guarantees safety. The heating element is made of stainless steel, which means it stabilizes heat and provides evenly cooked food.



How To Use Crux Air Fryer

The Crux air fryer manual is very simple and lets you use the unit without any hassle. Let’s walk you through a few crucial steps to using the Crux air fryer.

Crux Air Fryer Recipes

The high-performance heating revolution allows the Crux air fryer to prepare more than a dozen Crux air fryer recipes. These fryers use hot air to cook any kind of food to evenly crisp perfection.

Moreover, you don’t need to dip food in hot oil as Crux air fryers use very little oil making them great for those of us who need to cut on their fat and caloric intake.

Since most of these air fryers have 1500 wattage and above, they’ll cook your meals quickly and evenly – no matter the food ingredients. Some of our favorite Crux air fryer recipes include the bourbon and spice monkey bread, samosa vegetable pot pie, spicy dry-rubbed chicken wings, air fried sweet potato fries, and so much more.

Crux Air Fryer Troubleshooting

Air fryers consist of moving parts that constantly interact with your food. So, you’ll have to troubleshoot air fryer problems from time to time.

Generally, you can use the instruction booklet to solve common problems including air fryer not turning on, air fryer turning off in the middle of cooking, white or black smoke from air fryer, etc.

When the air fryer isn’t turning on or is turning off in the middle of cooking, the problem could be the cord connection at the wall. You can solve a problem of this nature by simply reconnecting the device to the wall outlet for proper power supply into your fryer.

Bottom Line

Crux air fryers are the best bet for anyone with a small family and low budget. These models are already a bargain compared to other air fryers, retailing at $100 or less.

Besides their lower price tag, they add value to your cooking experience with amazing power and useful amenities. Their super sleek touchscreen menu panel is easy to use even for those who are non tech-savvy.

Hopefully, our resourceful Crux air fryer reviews will help you select one of the three models based on your needs and lifestyle. Happy shopping!