Fractal Woodburning Tutorial



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As requested, I am posting this fractal wood burning tutorial for those of you who wanted to see how I do it. First I want to put out this disclaimer: This process uses high voltage electricity and the utmost care and safety needs to be observed at all times. That being said, let's begin.

1) In order to do fractal wood burning you need a high voltage transformer. These can be found in any microwave oven. I bought my transformer from Ebay for $20.00. You will also need an extension cord that can be sacrificed to provide the power to the transformer as well as some wire to connect to gator clips as seen in the pictures that follow. Below is an overall view of my setup.

2) Wiring up the transformer: The transformer has two male connector tabs that the 120v household current connects to. polarity does not matter when you hook up the hot (black wire) and the neutral (white wire). The electricity travels through the lower coil and out of the upper coil. This increases the power from 120v to approx. 2000v. As seen on my setup the red wires coming out of the middle were cut off and capped with wire nuts. The only power wire you need is the one that comes out of the upper coil.connect a wire (I used black) to the high voltage wire coming from the upper coil. Connect a second wire to the transformer housing (I used white). These two wires are your contact wires to perform the fractal wood burning process. Refer to pic for reference.

3) Connect gator clips to the ends of the two wires and at that point you are almost ready to go. I wanted as much control of the burning process as possible so I chose to drive two finishing nails through dowel rods and connect the gator clips to the nails. This provides a smaller contact burn verses a gator clip being pressed onto the wood.

Fractal Woodburning Tutorial