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Since a gas oven burner is underneath the oven, the space below it is usually dedicated to a broiler compartment. Beneath the oven, at the back of the broiler compartment is usually where the gas oven ignitor or pilot and safety valve are located.

Figure 3-C: Broiler Pan and Oven Floor Access and Removal

Free Online Oven & Cooktop Stove & Range Repair Manuals

This may be different in a convection oven as shown in figure 3-D. The oven floor usually just lifts out for easier access to work on the burner, ignitor or gas valve. There will also be holes in the oven floor to facilitate airflow within the oven while it is operating.

Figure 3-D: Typical Convection Oven Arrangement and Air Circulation

NOTE: Do not block these holes in the oven floor with aluminum foil. It will definitely block proper airflow in your oven, and it will probably disturb burner operation, too!

Electric ovens are somewhat different. They have separate broil and bake elements at the top and bottom of the oven, respectively. So the bottom compartment is just for storage of pans, and the oven floor is not removable.

The broiler or storage pan may be removed as shown in figure 3-C (keyhole slots). In some models, the wiring diagram may be found inside the front leg of the oven after removing the broiler pan or storage drawer. See section 3-6.