How Does An Air Fryer Work Without Oil? [Working Principle]

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Have you heard that the manufacturer of an air fryer is claiming that this little kitchen appliance can cook food faster than an oven? Not only that, we know that the food cooked by an air fryer is healthier than cooking the food in other conventional ways. The question is, how does an air fryer work without oil? In this article, I am going to explain to you the working principle of an air fryer. I am also going to mention the kind of foods that are best to prepare with this appliance. Finally, I will discuss the health benefits of an air fryer overcooking in other methods.

How Does An Air Fryer Work Without Oil? [Working Principle]

Dissection of an air fryer

We all know that an air fryer is a compact kitchen appliance. It is smaller than other similar cookers such as the convection oven. Before we discuss the working principle, let’s find what are the small parts that make an air fryer.

Working principle With a little Oil

How does an air fryer make the food crispy without oil?

In a deep-frying process, the heat is circulated throughout the food by convection of the hot oil. When this process requires about ½ cup of oil, air fryers do the same job with only half a tablespoon of oil. Here, the hot air does the heat convection instead of the oil. Air flows rapidly and thoroughly. Therefore, it alienates the need for a lot of oil and makes the food crispy and crunchy similar to deep frying.

Is the food healthier?

As already mentioned, in deep frying, you need a lot of oil to circulate the heat throughout the food. The oil acts as a medium of heat circulation through the convection process. Air fryers also circulate heat through convection, but instead of oil, it uses hot air as a medium. Using more oil increases the calorie of your food. A study on chicken thigh has found that it contains 85% more calories when cooked in deep frying rather than in an air fryer. That’s not the end. At high temperature, cooking oils get oxidized and change the property of the oil which is harmful to human health. Although in the air fryer a little amount of oil can also get oxidized, the amount is so much less than the deep-frying process.

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Final Words

An air fryer cooks crispy french fries and chicken fries. It is also best for reheating an already fried food where a microwave oven will make the food soggy. Isn’t it enough reason to get the small kitchen appliance? If you find the article helpful, you can share it with others. Please share with us if you have any experience in your kitchen that is mention-worthy. Happy cooking!

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