Is Bathtub One Word Or Two Words?

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One of the first questions I had when I started writing about ‘bathtubs’ on Finest Bathroom was how to spell bathtub? I wondered whether the word ‘bathtub’ was one word or two? Do you spell it as ‘bathtub’ or, “bath tub”. So I did what everyone does in such a situation and Googled. Here’s what I found.

Is Bathtub One Word Or Two Words? The answer is Bathtub is one word. The correct spelling of it is ‘bathtub’ not “bath tub”.

Merriam Webster dictionary lists it as one word. Oxford dictionary too has a definition for the word bathtub. Wikipedia also has a page for bathtub. So the answer to the question, “is bathtub one word or two” is that bathtub is one word.

If you search online, like for example in Google, it shows same results whether you type ‘bathtub’ as one word or, “bath tub” as two words. So seems like Google recognizes both spelling as one and gives same search results.

Is Bathtub One Word Or Two Words?

Why Is Bathroom and Bedroom One Word But Not Living Room or Dining Room?

Have you noticed that some words like ‘bathroom’ and ‘bedroom’ are considers as one word. Yet similar rooms like ‘living room’ and ‘dinning room’ are two words. Why is this?

Bathtub Synonyms

While I was looking into the word ‘bathtub’, I tried to think or find another word for bathtub. Strangely I couldn’t find any synonym for bathtub. Some call it with its shortened form as simply the ‘tub’ or the British call it the ‘bath’. It seems to me there are no synonyms for bathtub. Do you know any?

Interesting Things About Bathtub

While looking for details about bathtub spelling I found some interesting things about bathtubs.

Now, here’s another word you might not be sure is one or two words – “everywhere”. Is it one or two words?

Is Everywhere one word or two words?

This one I’m more sure. I thought it was one word and some google searching confirmed it. It’s one word like bathtub.

Are there any other words you are not sure is one word or two? Share them in the comments below.