Running costs of electric Aga range cookers

What your electric Aga range cooker will cost to run, whether it's new from AGA Rangemaster or a Reimagined model from Blake & Bull, is not fixed. The answer can be complicated (have a look at AGA Rangemaster's own page on this!) but the principle is simple.

Running costs of electric Aga range cookers

The trade off is convenience vs cost, the flexibility of electric gives you control

Leave the whole cooker on 24/7 and it will cost more but its certainly very handy! Turn the cooker on only when you need it though, while less convenient, and you can save a lot of money!

The most important point though is that with electric cookers you have that control. If fuel prices rise you can change how you use the cooker to save money.

For background warmth you need only the ovens; you may as well leave the hotplates off till you need them. This is an enormous saving even with ovens left on permanently.

But remember the ovens are flexible too! In the summer, when you don't need any background heat in the kitchen, you could turn on when you need them with a little forward planning.

In the autumn you may wish to run them on low and turn up when you need them. In the winter by all means leave those ovens on so they are always ready for action, warming the kitchen and drying all those soggy clothes!

"Thats me and my 4 oven ultimate 'Heritage' model Blake & Bull Aga range cooker at home. I choose convenience over the lowest possible running costs most of the time. I keep an eye on my electricity consumption and at the new electric prices due in April 2022 (28p kw/h) I'll be spending approx £35 p/week. Mine is a busy house with resident toddler so I turn on the ovens as I make my morning coffee and they stay on until supper is ready. I leave one hotplate on low so it only takes a few minutes to be ready to cook. Many owners of Blake & Bull cookers, whether converted or installed from scratch, run their cooker much more sensibly and cheaply!

You can cook supper for two with a single hotplate and a roast for 16 with every oven blasting - use what you need! If electric gets cheaper again you can 'relax' your usage and prioritise convenience over cost.

Annually I'll save about £1300 on these figures over an oil cooker. No servicing is required and no infrastructure maintenance either (oil tanks & lines etc). This would be much the same for a 2 oven cooker (the warming cupboard is left off till needed). A 2 oven conversion costs £3275 + VAT making the 'payback' period shorter than it's ever been at just over 3 years. That's a return on the cost of conversion you won't make from any bank these days." Matthew