Where To Put Air Fryer In Kitchen | Don’t Do The Mistakes In 2022

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This article is dedicated to the newbie of the air fryer community. Because air fryer is very much new to them. They all know an air fryer is a small compact appliance that works on a hot air cooking mechanism and does not require oil or a little amount. In the happiness of cooking their favorite fried food without calories, they forget about safety precautions.

I mean not all but some people use their air fryer without reading the instruction provided by the manufacturer. And their neglect will become a fatal accident so why shouldn’t get aware. Today in this article we will discuss where to put air fryer in kitchen? and we will discuss other problems too in our next article. But today we will focus on this air fryer placing problem.

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Where to put air fryer in kitchen?

An air fryer is a hot conventional oven that uses hot air to cook food. It can produce high heat up to more than 450°F. The size of a regular air fryer is bigger than a toaster oven and more than 10 pounds. So choosing the right place for an air fryer matters a lot. So you should choose a stable heat-resistant surface and a minimum 5″ distance from the wall.

01. Choose a stable place

It’s very important to put your air fryer on a stable surface like a kitchen countertop, or table. But that should be all in a fixed position. A stable surface provides convenient use while working with an air fryer. Another important thing is always put your air fryer near your electric board sockets where the air fryer chord reaches easily. Otherwise, you need an extension cord.

Where To Put Air Fryer In Kitchen | Don’t Do The Mistakes In 2022

02. Put air fryer on heat resistant surface

You should choose heat resistant surface for your air fryer and do not put anything under which is flammable. The air fryer is one type of conventional oven. It can produce high heat while on working mode so a good heat resistant surface resists the air fryer’s high heat easily.

03. Use a heat resistant mat under your air fryer

A heat-proof mat can save your countertop from air fryer high heat while cooking. If you are new to air fryers then the problem will not be big for you. But You slowly realize a heat-proof mat will be needed. Do you know an air fryer can crack a granite countertop? Yes, it’s true in some cases we can see these high mistakes result by clicking here on what to put under the air fryer to protect the countertop?

A silicone mat is a great heat insulator and prevents the air fryer’s intense heat to reach your countertop. Another advantage of using a silicone mat under an air fryer is it protects your air fryer from sliding around while putting or removing food ingredients. They also reduce grease, and food mess around your air fryer and can be easily washable with soap water.

04. Give 5″ space from your wall

The air fryer has two fans one for hot air circulation inside your air fryer and another one for ventilation. This fan maintains the heat inside your air fryer preventing overheating and vents the extra moistured air from your air fryer. Almost all air fryer has a ventilation fan backside of your air which is facing towards the wall. If you stop the vent by putting your air fryer to the wall then the air ventilation process will impact.

As the result, the air fryer’s performance will decrease as its ability. Sometimes the hot air faded the wall paints. So always place your air fryer where air ventilation will easily flow and keep a minimum of 5″ air fryer distance from the wall.

05. Keep away from children

An air fryer is not a kid-friendly appliance. These appliances work on electricity and produce high heat for cooking. So always place your air fryer where small kids can not reach easily. In alone time they also try for french fries and may unfortunately fatal accidents.

Yes, some air fryers are super easy to operate by a kid but your kid should be 12 years old or more. and always keep alert to your kids and place your air fryer far from thier hands.

Some FAQ

#1. Can I put an air fryer on the countertop?

Yes, you can use your air fryers on a countertop. By the way, a kitchen countertop is the best place for your big air fryer oven. If your countertop is made of granite, stainless steel, and quartz stone are the best for putting an air fryer on it. They are a great heat resistor and durable for a long time. But you should always put something under the air fryer like silicone mats, and boards.

#2. What to put under the air fryer?

You can use anything under the air fryer like silicone mats, cutting boards, and a piece of marble but that should be heatproof and provide a stable surface for your air fryer. A silicone mat is perfect for your air fryer. They are thin, heatproof, and waterproof and their anti-skid properties prevent sliding around your air fryer on the countertop. Vegetable cutting boards are also a great alternative to silicone mats If you have extra in your home then you can put them under your air fryer.

#3. Can you use parchment paper in an air fryer?

Yes, you can use parchment paper inside your air fryer to reduce extra grease and food mess. But that should be perforated. Parchment paper is a pre-cut paper made of wood and food pulp. They are very good heat resistant and make it easy to clean. If your air fryer is peeling you can also use it for prevents the contamination of black flakes with your food. But remember you should put food weight on the parchment paper while cooking. Never directly use in preheat process otherwise the paper can a blow into the heating element and cause a fire.

#4. Can silicone mold be used in an air fryer?

You can use a small silicone loaf pan, silicone pots, silicone muffin pans, etc in your air fryer for easy cooking. The medically approved silicone material can be used for food preparation, they are free from BPA, PTFE-like material which may cause health damage. But a good quality silicone mold is advisable to use. Silicone is a very flexible and rubbery material. They can resist more than 500°F temperature easily and are durable for a long time.

#5. Will an air fryer damage the granite countertop?

That depends on your granite countertop material. Granite is a very good and popular build material. It has also high heat resistivity but in some cases, it can be broken due to an air fryer. The air fryer produces a high heat in few times while working and cools when not in use. These thermal shocks can change the molecular structure of your granite and can be a break. So you can use a heat-resistant mat for your air fryer it will be a great product for your air fryer.

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