Which Bed is Best: A Super King or Two Singles?

Since the dawn of humanity, there have been conflicts that we may never resolve; war, famine, and the eternal struggle to maintain a golden blanket ratio between two sleepers. We can't work on the first two, but anything to do with sleep is well within our expertise. How do you keep your bed properly split for two? Are bed sizes the answer?

We all know that a bigger duvet could be an obvious option, but what about the bed itself? The debate we want to crack is: is it better to couple up two of the same single size bed, or is opting for a super king size bed a better choice?

Today, we're going to be diving into these two-bed sizes and weighing up the pros and cons, helping you decide what could be best for you!

Connecting two single beds together makes what size bed?

A single size mattress is 90cm long, or 3’ by 6’3. By connecting twin beds together, you'll get a 180cm wide bed with the same length.

By contrast, a super king size mattress is 180cm by 200cm - or 3 feet by 6 feet 6 inches. So, although a super king will be slightly more significant, the size difference on paper doesn’t seem too much to worry about!

Benefits of Super King Beds

Ideal for tall people

First things first; super kings are slightly bigger than two singles linked together. A super king-size bed's dimensions are roughly four inches longer than a single bed, making it ideal for taller people who desire more legroom!

Which Bed is Best: A Super King or Two Singles?

Stylish choice

Super kings are the crème de la crème of beds, so it makes sense that the exterior style is highly considered. A super king bed can most definitely offer a fabulous touch of luxury for your bedroom!

An effortlessly stylish super king bed will take your boudoir a step beyond from tastefully minimal to a regal flair. In comparison, a single bed - while often stylish - tends to focus more on practicality.

Can provide added storage

Finally, other features to bear in mind that super king beds can offer are great storage space and high tech options. Although a super king size will take up more space, they normally offer a substantial amount of storage space Whether it's an ottoman lift bed or side drawers, you're more likely to find a versatile, decluttering bed frame in a super king-size bed.

If a super king lights your fire then here at Happy Beds we offer super kings with LEDs, built-in TVs, sound systems, and charging ports. If a luxury high tech TV bed is something you like the sound of, check out our blog and discover all the impressive features!

So, you've got a lot to consider if you're leaning towards a super king bed, but what about the singles?

Benefits of Joining Two Single Beds Together

Super kings certainly seem, well, pretty super, but just hold up! We are about to tell you how combining two singles could equally have its own benefits. On paper, yes, it may seem a tad complex, but it can be very much the opposite. In fact, two single beds can provide a direct solution to furnishing your bedroom, and we are going to tell you why!

Money saving opportunity

In some cases, two singles can be cheaper than a super king bed, especially if you're simply linking together two beds that you already own. But there's more to it than just adhering to a budget.

You can easily move them

Connecting two single beds is much simpler than moving a larger bed frame, which makes joining two single beds together a much more suitable option for smaller bedrooms. All you would need is a twin bed connector or a link bar between the two frames, and you're sorted!

Ideal for different mattress preferences

Another advantage of the single bed's option is individual comfort. Since there will be two single beds, yep, you’ve got it; there will be a choice for two single mattresses. This means that partners needing extra mattress support can get the mattress that best suits them. It's a win-win, really! If you are interested in finding out what could be the best mattress for you, check out our mattress page finder!

How to link two single beds together

All you need to link up two-bed frames is a set of bed link bars. This twin bed connector set is ideal - it's a relatively simple case of drilling holes and screwing in these simple components to connect the two. Just remember to check your dimensions beforehand!

We're so confident in our link bars that we use them for our divan beds, too!

So, which will you choose?

There are a few things to keep in mind if you're choosing between these two-bed sizes. For us, it all comes down to the question of how soundly a couple can sleep together.

If the super king sounds perfect but the mattress issue is getting in the way, we recommend a pocket spring mattress. This can help limit the disruption of one sleeper tossing and turning. However, this could remove the intimacy of sharing a bed, so it depends on personal preference!

Whichever choice you make, a super king-sized bed or two singles. There will always be pros and cons. It's an entirely personal decision as a couple!

We hope this has helped your decision, and we would love to hear about how you’ve got on! Don’t forget to send us your bedroom alterations to be featured on Happy Beds! Get in touch via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook; we can't wait to see!

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