Choosing the Perfect Coffee Table

When it comes to choosing the perfect coffee table, there are so MANY choices and design styles out there it can be overwhelming.What should you look for?What shape and style is needed for a particular space? Today I wanted to tackle coffee tables and show you how the right coffee table in a space can make a big impact.

Choosing the Right Shape and Scale

When it comes to choosing a coffee table, the first thing you will need to decide is what shape works best in the space from a spacial and design perspective. Generally, a coffee table length should not be longer than 2/3rds of the length of the sofa.You’ll also want to make sure that you have a minimum of 24″ of space between the coffee table and other seating in the space to allow walking space around the coffee table.

To give you a better idea, a rectangular coffee table will not be easy to walk around if you have a long sofa with a chaise on the end. A small squared coffee table will look too small and not provide enough surface space if it’s surrounded by a large sectional sofa.

Choosing the right shape and scale for the space is key.

If you have a large sectional sofa, large square or round coffee tables will not only provide plenty of surface space for everyone seated on the sofa but these shapes are easier to walk around rather than a long rectangular style.

From a scale standpoint, a large square or large round balances and fills the center space perfectly.

For non sectional traditional sofas (without a built-in chaise), the perfect shaped coffee table will depend on the seating layout surrounding the space.If you’re working in a tighter space and want to make sure you have plenty of walking room, a rectangular, medium-sized round or medium-sized square table are great options. Notice below how a large square or large round coffee table would not work in this space below and would greatly reduce the walking space between the coffee table because of the seating in front of the fireplace.If the seating in front of the fireplace was not there, a larger scare or round table would fit the scale better of the seating.

When it comes to the scale of a space, take a close look at the scale of the seating area and the amount of walking space to determine if a large, medium or small sized coffee table is needed to balance and fill up the space.If you have a large seating area with an abundance of walking space, a small or medium-sized table could look “off” from a scale perspective.

If you’re unsure of the shape and scale that you need for a coffee table, an easy trick is to tape different table sizes on your floor to give you a better feel for what is needed for the space.You can also cut out shapes using wrapping paper or poster board.

Choose Function Over Style

I see decorative coffee tables all of the time that have very little storage, which is a huge missed storage opportunity in a living room/den space that needs it the most. There are some smart coffee tables designs with extra storage out there today that still enhance design and look equally beautiful, so why not make sure to get extra storage out of your coffee table?

Look for tables that have lower open or closed storage that are perfect for storing magazines, games or baskets for all the little stuff.

Choosing the Perfect Coffee Table

When it comes to choosing a highly functional coffee table, the bigger the better as long as it fits the scale of the space and you have plenty of walking room. You’ll be glad that you went bigger when entertaining or having game night with the kids!

Double Coffee Tables

The last couple of years that I have been touring parade homes around the country, I have been so impressed by the creativity I have seen when it comes to coffee table possibilities.

If you have a large open space and can’t find a large enough coffee table to fill the space, consider using two tables.

It’s so hard to find oversized large coffee tables and two coffee tables side-by-side is a fantastic solution! Notice how the scale for these double coffee tables in this space is perfect.

You can get creative with almost any shape when it comes to using two coffee tables.

Upholstered Ottoman/Coffee Tables

Upholstered ottomans are also really popular used as coffee tables because they are perfect pulled up to the sofa as a chaise and the ottoman can be used as a coffee table with trays.This is an ideal solution in dens/media rooms, etc..

Ottoman/coffee tables are great because they usually can be moved around to different spots as needed and they can add a pop of color and pattern depending on the fabric chosen.

Small Bench Ottomans

Small bench ottomans are another great way to add both seating or table surface space by adding a tray to create a stable surface. In this space below, while there is a coffee table in the space, two small upholstered benches were added next to the table for either extra seating or a small table when moved around the space.

Decorative Coffee Tables

In spaces with an abundance of storage spaces, often times a decorative coffee table without any storage can be a beautiful choice.For example, in this space below, this living room has quite a bit of open and closed storage so a decorative mirrored coffee table was chosen to make a statement.

Here’s another option decorative wood table incorporated in this space below.

With SO many overwhelming coffee table options out there today, I hope I have given you a few things to consider when choosing the perfect coffee table for a space.

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