How To Make A Coffee Table Look Rustic

A coffee table gives your living areas a practical place to set beverages, display knickknacks or showcase flowers from your garden. Many individuals are going back to tried and true rustic country furnishings. Top interior designers are also mixing different design styles in one space, so anyone can add a rustic coffee table to give the room a vintage vibe that is still relevant today. Purchasing genuine antique furniture can be quite expensive. It is so much cheaper to find a suitable table from your local flea market, yard sale or estate auction. These finds can be refinished for an aged look. Learn how to make a coffee table look rustic in no time.

How To Make A Coffee Table Look Rustic

Refinish a Table Using Easy Distressing Techniques

Rather that pay lots of cash for a genuine antique table, distress it instead with an easy paint wash technique. Sand the wood gently, paint it with a darker latex satin paint in a warm earthy shade. Rub some wax from a candle over areas that get handled, and paint a complementary lighter color of paint over top. Gently wipe down and distress lightly. Finish the table with clear paint or stain. For another easy vintage distress tip, mix some water and white paint to create a “wash,” then brush while distressing wood with swipes from a paper towel.

Make a Vintage Styled Rustic Coffee Table Using Authentic Materials

Creative individuals have handmade these tables for centuries using authentic materials like a sliced tree ring for the round table top. Attach it to a metal wash basin, wooden barrel, wood crate or storage platform. Some have crafted tables by using only 2 X 4’s to make a simple rectangular design with X’s at ends and glass for the top. It is relatively easy to fashion a farmhouse style coffee table from an old weathered door and appropriate table legs. Other material choices that make excellent tables include chicken coops, reclaimed wood slabs and natural or faux stones like quartz, marble or limestone top options. Wicker, bamboo and other natural woodsy materials not only look beautiful, they are good for the environment.