13 Different Types of Shirts For Men

The shirt is arguably the most important part of any man’s wardrobe. Whether you’re a business professional, entrepreneur, student, or salesperson, there are types of shirts that every man needs to own. The clothes you wear tell the world what kind of guy you are, and it’s important to know which fashion styles are essential, trending, and elegant. From the dress shirt to classy button-up to the casual t-shirt, these shirt styles come in a variety of designs, cuts, lengths, and collars for all occasions. With so many different kinds, it can be a challenge choosing the right men’s shirt style to wear for every occasion. If you’re confused about what top to wear and when, learning the basics about different styles and kinds can be helpful in dressing well. To inspire your shopping and outfit ideas, we’ve compiled a guide on all the different types of shirts to have in your closet. These shirts for men are trendy and comfortable, so make sure you find the right fit for a stylish look!


  • 2 Types of Shirts
  • Different Shirt Styles

    Oxford Button-Down Shirt

    The Oxford button-down shirt is incredibly versatile and can be used in both social and professional settings for a flawlessly put together vibe. Traditionally, it comes in lighter colors like blues and whites, but if you want to wear it to a casual office event, a darker hue is the way to go. They’re available in many different weight or thickness options for varying climates, which means you can wear them all year long and maintain that cool and easy confidence of clothes that fit just right.

    13 Different Types of Shirts For Men

    Dress Shirt

    The modern man needs at least one dress shirt in his closet, whether it’s for an upscale work event or a date night when you want to impress a girl. The dress shirt is usually part of an ensemble that will determine how fancy the outfit is, from a suit to a full tuxedo look. They date back more than 100 years and always add class and elegance, sure to boost your confidence. If you’re going for a trendy style, it’s important to get the right dress shoes to complete the look.

    Cuban Collar Shirt

    Whether you’re looking for the perfect outfit for the rooftop party or you want to stay cool and trendy while on vacation, the Cuban collar shirt has you covered. With an open collar and short sleeves, Cuban collar shirts come in many unique patterns and leave a lot of room for bold creativity, while still ensuring comfort no matter how hot it is outside. With these shirts, you can easily embrace vintage vibes or make it modern and chic with rolled-up sleeves and well-tailored trousers. As an essential summer staple for any man’s wardrobe, show off your chest and look manly and sexy anywhere in the world!


    Knowing how to effectively layer your look is an important skill in the modern man’s fashion arsenal and the overshirt is the perfect place to start. It’s most often worn in transitional months, whether the temperature can fluctuate a lot during the day, and can be easily dressed up or dressed down, depending on what you decide to wear underneath. Light colors and comfy tees make the overshirt more casual, whereas darker hues or a button-down below can take it up a notch for more professional events.

    Flannel Shirt

    Flannel shirts will never go out of style and most guys should stock this top in their wardrobe. Warm and on-trend, flannel shirts add an air of comfortable masculinity to any outfit. Whether you’re at a construction site, working on your weekend project, or down at your local bar, there is a cool and stylish men’s flannel shirt for the occasion. True flannel shirts are warm, comfortable, and will last a long time. They look good with a plain tee and nice jeans or tie well around the waist for a vintage look. Remember, real flannel will shrink in the dryer, so let this one hang on the line.

    Office Shirt

    The office shirt plays many different roles but is sure to give you that respectable, clean-cut look that will earn you promotions and land new professional opportunities. You can pair your office shirt with a tie or leave it open at the collar for a more casual look. Ultimately, guys have many stylish options of subtle patterns and office styles to pick from. While most office shirts are lighter in color, look around to find the right hue for your hair and skin tone. This is also one of those pieces you’ll want to get tailored, if possible. A less expensive office shirt can be taken to the next level if it fits you right.


    Chambray shirts look like denim and can offer the same look as flannel but at an elevated level. Known as a dense fine piece of cloth, chambray has the style of well-loved denim but is made with a breathable light fabric, which makes it an excellent choice for warm nights or busy days. Because these chic shirts are so versatile, the right shoes, belts, and pants can help you to dress it up for dates or a casual work environment. Similarly, guys can dress this shirt down for a time with the family while still looking stylish. You can also go full vintage so explore your outfit options.

    Classic Short Sleeve Shirt

    The classic short sleeve shirt is an excellent way to go casual and comfortable while still presenting a sleek and stylish look. These shirts are perfect for day to day wear and can be converted into a nighttime dinner outfit without much fuss. If you’re looking to make a bold statement, explore the trendy and edgy pattern and colors options available, or take it down a notch with a neutral tone or solids colors.

    Denim Shirt

    Denim is a timeless textile and there’s a reason it will never go out of style. It’s easy to pair the clothes you already own with a well-fitted denim shirt for a classic cool look. Consider solid tees and a pop of color from a bandana or patch for a fresh and fashionable approach to a masculine favorite. It’s comfortable and works as a great outer layer for spring and fall.

    Linen Shirt

    The linen shirt is a hot fashion piece that will always keep you cool. Whether you’re headed on a cruise around the Mediterranean or spending the afternoon at a summer BBQ with friends, you can’t go wrong with the comfortable and breathable linen shirt. While it may feel like you’re wearing nothing at all, it still presents as a fresh and flattering piece that shows you take pride in your appearance.

    Polo Shirt

    The polo shirt is popular with athletes and has an upscale and comfortable vibe that means it will transition well between work events and social events. Finding the right color to match your palette is easy because they come in a wide variety of hues, from the daring bold colors to more subdued pastels for spring. Neutrals are always a good choice and you can decide to open the buttons or keep the collar closed for a more casual or more professional vibe.

    Casual Shirts

    Casual shirts should be versatile yet trendy and comfortable. While there are different types of casual shirts, the most common are the t-shirt and henley. Often made with cotton or a combination of light fabrics, the t-shirt is a loose-fit top you can wear anywhere. From informal outdoor events to social parties, a casual shirt and jeans or shorts can be fun, easy, and masculine. The two main t-shirt styles are the v-neck and crew neck, and you’ll want to try on both cuts to see which complements your body. The best casual shirts for men are worth the money, offering a combination of comfort, style, and sweat control.

    Types of Shirts

    From casual dress to formal fashion, the best shirts for men are made with high-quality materials, feel comfortable on your skin, fit and complement your body, and ultimately elevate your fashion. While there are several different types of shirts to choose from, it’s important that you invest in a few wardrobe pieces to cover you for every occasion. Whether you need business shirts for the office or casual shirts for a day out, every man should own a button-up, dress, linen, undershirt, and polo shirt.

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