23 Dad Outfits That Are So Wholesome Yet So Funny

    We love dads in dad outfits!

    by Francesca Rea

    23 Dad Outfits That Are So Wholesome Yet So Funny

    BuzzFeed Staff

    1.This dad in a punny t-shirt, cargo shorts, and sandals:

    2.This dad wearing the mother of all fanny packs:

    3.This dad who doesn't need to be on vacation to wear a Hawaiian shirt:

    4.This dad sporting white crew socks AND sandals:

    5.This dad who looks adorable with his tucked in shirt and satchel:

    6.This dad rocking the bucket hat:

    7.This dad rocking a tie-dye shirt, white crew socks, and a fanny pack:

    8.This dad who takes his safety very seriously:

    9.This dad who wore a safari hat and a whole bunch of colors that don't match:

    10.This dad who's giving off strong Indiana Jones vibes:

    11.This nature-loving dad wearing white crew socks and a bucket hat:

    12.This dad who just bought a new pair of New Balance sneakers:

    13.This dad who'll mix stripes and plaid because fashion:

    14.This dad in double Under Armour and camo sunglasses:

    15.This dad rocking an American flag t-shirt and suspenders:

    16.This dad who perfectly sports gray sweatpants with white New Balances:

    17.This dad enjoying the beach with his shoulder sweater and clip-on sunglasses:

    18.This dad who's ready for BBQ season with his flip-flops and apron:

    19.This dad who can't go anywhere without his glasses strap:

    20.This dad outfit that's so on point, his kid decided to be him for Halloween:

    21.And this dad who convinced his son to rock matching polos and mustaches:

    22.This adorable dad in mega-high socks:

    23.And finally, this dad wearing the ultimate dad outfit: a striped polo shirt, khakis with a belt, white crew socks, and white New Balances: