25 Elegant Workwear Outfits for Women – Professional Attire

Professional Outfits for Women. Are you looking for ideas about what you should wear as a working woman? Great! Check out our collection of the most amazing and stylish looks for working women. These outfits are not only exquisite, but they are sure to make a serious style statement.

Feel confident on your business trips and high profile meetings as you rock these gorgeous looks. From the following images, you can get lots of workwear outfit ideas as to how you should pair your different outfits. Today, we will be discussing some elegant workwear outfit combinations for women. For those women who go to work and are unaware of the latest fashion trends, remember that a good presentation of yourself is essential if you are a working woman. Therefore, Outfit Trends brings you great outfit combination ideas to show you how you should dress for work /office. Anything you wear to work should look formal but not overly fancy and definitely not casual. If you are a plus size, then you may also check our recent article on “best casual outfits combinations for plus size women“.

What to Wear to Work?

Working women are usually worried and concerned regarding their appearance. They often find it hard to decide the best outfits for themselves that they can wear to their office. It becomes a challenge for all the ladies who run out of time or are usually busy. So, we have compiled a short list of tips and thoughts to keep in mind for creating professional looks. Check them out.

Here are some outfits ideas. Scroll down to see some elegant workwear outfit combinations!

↓ 25. Soft Pinks and Tote Purse

We love a look that brings color and fresh inspiration to a classic look. And what is more classic than a blouse and pencil skirt for work? Bring a new level of sophistication to the look by opting for soft pinks, as well as a sleek tote bag. You can make this outfit winter-ready by adding warm tights as well as a coat. For this look, we recommend a beige coat or some other neutral color that will tie the ensemble together.


↓ 24. Black-and-White Work Look

Designing outfits that incorporate flats is a MUST for the working gal. Full days at work can be grueling. Ensure that your feet are happy by swapping out the heels for a stylish pair of flats. Here’s a great black-and-white look to try today.


↓ 23. Fashionista-Inspired Work Look

If you work in the fashion industry, here is a bold and dramatic look you might try. Opt for a mock turtleneck top with three-quarter-length bishop sleeves paired with culottes or wide-leg pants. It is all about the accessories with this look. Check out these fantastic ideas on How to Wear White Wide Leg Pants: 10 Outfit Ideas with Wide Pants.


25 Elegant Workwear Outfits for Women – Professional Attire

↓ 22. How to Wear Lace in Your Work Attire

Lace is a beautiful addition to any outfit but particularly a work look. It is an easy way to incorporate elegant femininity into your attire. But doing so without sparking mental images of lingerie is the challenge! Here is a collage of examples of ways you can wear lace in your work look. You can opt for a lace skirt or dress, paired with a sleek blazer and coordinating jewelry. You can also pair a lace button-down top with a suit or with dress pants. Keep the look conservative and avoid anything low-cut or overly revealing. Here are 26 Beautiful Lace Dresses and Ideas on how to Wear Them.

↓ 21. Black Midi Dress & Designer Bag

One go-to look we love is a crewneck midi dress paired with pumps and a designer bag. This outfit is best conserved for specific work occasions, like a luncheon, a meeting with clients, or even an interview. Day-to-day, you might consider a slightly more comfortable shoe, especially if you are often on your feet.


↓ 20. Ways to Wear a Wool Pencil Skirt

We highly recommend staple pieces you can turn to over and over again as you are building your work wardrobe. This gray wool pencil skirt with button detailing is a great example of one of those pieces. There are several ways you can wear this skirt but we are big fans of this blogger’s take on it. Pair a black turtleneck sweater with a white button-down over top. You can see how statement sleeves can make everyday button-down shirts so much better so keep an eye out for a distinctive top like this to bring your outfits to the next level. Some other ways you can enhance this look is by adding a red coat or a black tote bag.


↓ 19. Spring Workwear with a Choker Dress

This is a look that will shake up your work attire, that’s for sure! While this outfit is particularly ideal for fashion industry jobs, with a few tweaks it can work for your average office as well. Try a dress with specific detailing, like a choker neckline, paired with a light coat. Do check out our earlier post on Outfits With Choker Necklaces.


↓ 18. How to Wear Jeans to Work

While we don’t usually recommend wearing jeans to work, there are a few occasions where jeans are just the thing. Whether you have a casual day to work or you are meeting with clients or colleagues for lunch, a professional but semi-casual look is a white blouse and jeans pairing. Add a nice blazer over top and finish off the look with knee-high black boots.

Another way to wear jeans to work is by pairing them up with a neutral-colored coat. Neutral tones are always classy and they are particularly great for fall.

17. Work Outfit for College Girl

This young and hip look best works for college-age girls, especially those girls involved in fashion or other style-centric environments. Bright-colored pants are always a bold look but they pair very nicely with a white blouse and black heels.

16. Stylish Trousers and Pop-of-Color Heels

Spice up an average outfit with some bright orange heels. We promise it will brighten up your day and maybe even your coworker’s!

15. Neutral Colors for Fall Work Outfits

We love neutral colors, especially in the fall. They bring a level of sophistication to any look. Here are four ways to incorporate neutral colors into your fall attire.


14. Simple and Elegant Professional Look

Here is a go-to outfit every lady should consider. A sheer white button-down over a cami, tucked into a pair of fitted black pants paired with sleek pumps is a great option for everyday work attire. Accessorize with a simple watch and the necklace of your choice.

13. Outfit Combinations for Work

The outfit inspiration just keeps coming! Here are five gorgeous outfit combinations for you to try today.

12. Cute Dress and Tights Look

We love a dress over tights outfit! It is a classic which we don’t see ever going out of style. For this look, mind your hem (too short would not be appropriate for workwear) and opt for opaque or very dark but sheer tights. Pair with two-toned pumps and a sleek hairdo. Here are some more inspiring Outfits with Black Tights.

Step by Step Video Tutorial: How to Do Hair and Makeup for Work/Office

11. Youthful Style for Work

A wool skirt over tights is another great way to wear tights! We especially love the combination of this white wrap top and heels that coordinate with tights!

10. Semi-Casual Dressy Look

Here is another outfit that works better for one-off occasions than typical everyday office wear. Pair a lace-trimmed cami with stylish leather pants and a white blazer. Finish off the look with black leather booties.

9. Stylish Office Look

When it comes to trench coats, camel-colored ones are a favorite amongst the style-conscientious. For a gorgeous work look, pair a mid-length coat with a white blouse, fitted pants, and booties. Opt for nude lips and classic makeup for a stylish everyday work look.

8. Elegant Formal Wear for Work

If you love to bring a bit of funk into your all-black outfit, try a plaid bowtie! Coordinate with matching purple heels for a fun look!

7. Easy and Professional Outfit

Here is another easy but gorgeous black-and-white look. This super simple look is a breeze to throw together! Start with a white long-sleeved top and pair with fitted black pants. Accessorize with a black statement necklace (the bigger the better) and black pumps. And voila! Easy-peasy, we know.

6. No More Boring Work Looks

Sometimes we get into a style rut and nowhere is that more apparent than in workwear. Putting together work outfits day after day can be just as grueling as work itself… so make it fun for yourself wherever you can! An easy way to do that is by bringing some color into your attire. A boring all-black or all-navy-blue look can definitely benefit from some bright blues and fun accessories.

5. Classy and Stylish Lunch Outfit

For a work lunch, play with textures and styles to create fantastic work outfit combinations. Leather pants are a refreshing and stylish upgrade over your average trousers so why not give them a try next time you have a work lunch planned? For an edgy look, pair them with a satin blouse. A color such as red and pink can give you a very feminine look. Don’t miss out on these Women’s Summer Work Wear Outfits.

4. Super Stylish Ensemble

Dressing in a white shirt or blazer can be pretty tricky so here’s one of the safest looks to try which looks good on any gal. Just pair a white jacket with black and white printed pants and black heels. Layer your jacket with a black v-neck blouse and accessorize with a chunky necklace. We love this outfit as it seamlessly transitions into a fantastic date look or happy hour ensemble with just a touch-up of makeup and fluffing of the hair!

3. Classic Semi-Casual Attire

Looking for something decent and straightforward? Wear a tailored blazer with cigarette pants and pumps. This look can work for any presentations at work and even for a job interview. With this stylish look, you’ll be dressing for success.


2. Rock Some Red

A touch of bright color can add glam to any work outfit. Since fall is a pretty dull season, every girl needs some bright accessories to brighten her day and we think this look will do the trick.


1. Winter Outfit for Business Meetings

This is such a cool and casual look for any business meeting or even a lunch or dinner. A well fitted black and white patterned coat can be a lifesaver in winter since it is so easy to dress it up by adding a few eye-catching accessories.


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