8 Dad Style Moves That Are Actually Cool Right Now

Somewhere along the way, dad style got a bad rap. Maybe it was the not-really-any-fit jeans. Maybe it was the blinding white mall-walk-ready sneakers. Maybe it was the fact that your dad was wearing it.

8 Dad Style Moves That Are Actually Cool Right Now

These days, add "dad" to anything—dad jeans, dad bod, dad style—and you're implying that it's not hip, hopelessly out of touch. Then again, look at things a little more closely and you might realize dad style isn't so off the mark. In fact, your old man's steez might have been predicting the future of menswear all along, pre-cog style. Maybe dad style is actually, on the low, the coolest style out there. We see your doubtful-face emoji and we understand that this sounds...unlikely, if not downright dubious. But we did the research. Below, 8 very cool trends that dads started.

The T-Shirt Tuck##

Just three weeks ago, we called it: tucking in your T-shirt was the newest style move we stole from dad. While the ultimate dad, President Obama, demonstrated the incorrect way to embrace the trend—with a boxy, limp shirt tucked into some khakis that are seriously questionable on their own—a new generation of street-savvy scenesters has made it theirs, with winning results.

Pleated Pants##

After years of slimming, tapering, and generally whittling down the overall menswear silhouette, with the go-to cry to arms being NO PLEATS EVER, the pendulum has started to swing back to a looser, slouchier silhouette that (gasp!) is incorporating the once-forbidden pleat. It started trickling onto runways a few seasons back, and now we're seeing an embrace from forward-thinking aesthetes. Hey, when J.Crew is selling pleated yet slim pants, it's time to reconsider.

Dad Caps##